PTP News

Winter 2021/2022

We've planted 560 saplings this winter at Boasvern Farm, some along hedges, some in the woodland field. Generally it's been a mild winter which is worrying and shows how much we need to be doing this - New Years Eve was 15.8 degrees! There was some cold weather early on and this coincided with our first delivery of new trees, but the rest have arrived and gone in during January and February when the little saplings looked almost ready to bud into life! So we've had the most amazing weekly teams set into action; digging, planting and mulching all the way through January and into February!

Saplings heeled in, waiting to be planted out at Penderleath.

Saplings enjoying the sunset at Trenow Field Farm, Marazion!

Recent planting in the woodland field

Overseeing the work!

Mulching around each sapling

Having a well earned break!

Checking the sapling goes into the guard safely

Grey Willow ready for planting at Bosavern

Hedge planting

Happy workers!

Autumn 2021

Horsflies and visitors gone, the TLC group headed back to Bosavern to continue to weed the baby saplings, and also to to prepare for new trees coming in the winter - more weeding and mulching!

We also paid a visit to the beautiful Higher Keigwin Organic Farm to learn how to lay a living brash hedge. This hedge is made from 2 lines of living willow stakes simply filled with the cut off whips, it immediately makes both a visual and wind barrier and quickly grows to provide shelter for wildlife.

At Keigwin, Lisa Guy has planted thousands of trees and we learnt so much from her about how the land - with the correct care - is able to flourish. Walking through her woodland we were amazed by the colour and textures of the different plantlife, such rich biodiversity was really inspiring to see and all achieved in only 25 years. Lisa sells the most delicious organic beef through her website You can be sure that eating this beef you are supporting a farm that cares utterly and completely for the environment.

Higher Keigwin

Organic Farm

was alive

with wildlife!

Hitching a ride with the hedge!

Learning how to lay the hedge

Cleaning up the stakes

Summer 2021

Summer has been a quieter time for the Penwith Tree Planters as each of us have been busy tending our own gardens and veg plots; hosting summer visitors and taking time out to swim in the sea! There was some weeding at Bosavern Farm early summer but horseflies soon put paid to that in August! Meanwhile our little seeds have started to grow - it's so exciting seeing little trees appearing in their pots! Here's a few of the many many saplings growing in different PTP gardens across Penwith - note the wire mesh keeping mice out! And a few photos of the saplings planted last winter.

Spring 2021

Well what an unusual spring it's been! - Hardly any March winds and virtually no April showers! The Tree Love and Care group continued to meet most Sundays weeding and looking after the baby trees, and the buds and shoots eventually popped through despite the hard late frosts and very dry weather. We attempted some wild flower planting and there was a bit of watering needed too. Planting teams continued to meet up and fundraising began for next winters trees... Here's some photos

Winter 2020 /2021

Covid 19 stopped us in our tracks for a while but we have worked out how to continue our tree planting work - all be it at a slower pace than anticipated. The health of our members is a top priority and we take great care to socially distance from each other unless we are in the same bubble. Trees need their space too, so careful Covid-aware work is possible to continue.

In December 2020 we took delivery of 1000 saplings: a mix of Pedunculate Oak, Sessile Oak, Hazel, Holly, Hawthorn, Alder and Elder. After sorting these were distributed around Penwith to be heeled in or planted out immediately. The saplings - also known as whips - were tiny but we have great faith that they will flourish here in Penwith. Below are some photos of the sorting ready to distribute; the nurseries where our tiny whips were heeled in over the Christmas period; some new hedges being planted and some new woodland beginning. One of our members has planted over 800 acorn seeds - it's all very exciting!

January and February saw us continuing weeding around the saplings at Bosavern Farm, planting out the final whips delivered in December and some tried their hands at traditional hedge laying. Lastly we had a big day out planting saplings on a hill near St Just.

Autumn 2020

Well here we are! The Penwith Tree Planters! An organic group who care about planting trees in Penwith. We have about 40 supporters with 10-15 hands on workers.

The first job we took on was weeding saplings that have been planted at Bosavern Farm near St Just. The TLC group (Tree Love and Care) meet every sunday afternoon rain or shine. This work has continued during lockdown although with greatly reduced numbers. We are careful to keep well apart unless we are in a bubble and obviously, we do not share any tools. Here's a few photos: