Why Plant Trees


Trees capture carbon and help foster biodiversity. Planting trees is incredibly healing - psychologically, socially, ecologically and physically. Right now people are feeling bruised by Covid, Brexit and the Climate Crisis. Through planting trees, we can overcome our paralysis and fear, breath in fresh air and enjoy the company of others in a Covid safe way. By planting trees we can help support nature in its recovery from the impact human beings are having on the planet. Penwith Tree Planters aims to energise people into action and support them to move positively towards a better future through planting thousands of trees.

Why has the project come about

A few years ago the UK Government decided it would support tree planting across the UK, however at the beginning of 2020 the government withdrew this financial support. Consequently one nursery who had planted 750,000 acorns announced they would need to mulch the saplings unless they could sell them. Extinction Rebellion stepped in to save some if not all of these saplings and formed a branch called Oakupy. Here in Penwith we wanted to do something similar. We've seen the documentaries by Sir David Attenborough and heard Gretta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion's calls to action. Seeing the Governments failure to ACT NOW we have decided that we must do what we can.

Why should I get involved?

Working with nature is incredibly healing; breathing in fresh air, exercising our bodies, working with the soil brings us back to something very basic and real about life that many of us have lost in our modern society. During the lockdown in early 2020 many people discovered the joy they could get from their gardens. Working with nature has a very calming effect, being close to it, makes us appreciate it more; seeing wildlife, hearing birds, watching the bees. To plant a tree is like banking a pension. But it's a pension with different rewards - it's oxygen for our children, it's capturing carbon so that our climate becomes more stable and it's providing a space for nature to thrive in.

Why trees are good for us and the planet

Here's a few more reasons why trees are so important for us and the planet - in case you needed any more convincing!

Trees sequester carbon and stabilise riverbanks, they remove soil toxins, reduce wind speeds, provide sustainable fuel and wood for timber projects, and are a source of employment and outdoor education. They provide visual and acoustic screening and intercept particulates from engine emissions.

Living amongst trees promotes wild play, provides places to exercise and relax in, leading to improved mental health and reduced respiratory illness, bigger babies and shorter stays in hospital.

Trees are a source of medicinal chemicals e.g. Willow=aspirin, yew=taxol (cancer drug), they can be historic landmarks and have links to our cultural history, they regenerate the land, increase shade and increase house prices too!

Original painting by Natalie Ganpatsingh founder of Nature Nurture